advertise offers low cost advertising on our website.


Advertising is key to any Business or Organisation and we realise that visitors to our website will usually go to our home page before any other page, so we allow advertising on our home page so your advert can be seen very quickly by potential customers.


We also recognise the need for speed, after all, "time is money". We are able to have advertisers adverts live on our website on the same day that we receive the advert and payment, we can often have your advert live within just a few hours. Although we usually get to work with website related work between 4pm-8pm on Weekdays and Anytime at Weekends, so it is a matter of when you get your advert to us.


We will be launching a huge series of special offers for door to door leaflet distribution soon. When we launch special offers we send thousands of emails, SMS text messages and letters and we gain a good response, so we anticipate that a huge number of people will view our website soon, especially as we've recently given it a major make-over.


This is a great time and opportunity for you to advertise on our website, especially if you are a leaflet printing Company as our customers will need your services too.


We offer a full 12 Months advertising on our website for just £60, this is just £5 per month.


Your advert will typically be the same shape and size as the "advertise" ad that you can currently see on our home page.


To advertise on our website please


· First, check our Home Page to make sure an advert slot is still available (If a slot is not available we can place your advert on alternative pages of our website,

or we may be able to create extra ad-space on our home page under the green text box)


· Email us your advert which should be in jpg or gif format


· Confirm within the Email the exact website link you want your advert to link to so that users can click your advert to be taken to your website

(unless you don’t have a website)


· Make payment via PayPal or Bank Transfer (contact us by Email for bank details, If using PayPal please mark payments as “personal payment owed” to avoid

PayPal deducting fee’s)



Our Email address, which you should use for all matters relating to advertising is , this is also the payment Email address when using PayPal.



If you do not want to follow the steps above, you can simply pay for your advert by using the PayPal payment button below, however, this option is slightly higher priced (£65) to take PayPal fee’s into account.



Once we have received your advert image and payment we will get to work with your advert the same day and your advert will be live on our website for a minimum of 12 Months.