When it comes to highly effective marketing, it's all in the delivery.


Your Leaflets are in safe hands with Flyer Delivering.


Flyer Delivering specialise in the distribution of advertising material. We have been assisting both large and small businesses for over 10 years and have earned a reputation for efficiency and reliability.


Many businesses have benefited from Flyer Delivering’s leaflet delivery service. Each year over 9 billion items are delivered door to door by leaflet delivery companies.


When a leaflet is delivered through a letterbox the advertiser has a few seconds to catch the attention of the recipient. It is vital to design a leaflet that is eye catching and encourages the householder to take a closer look. In general terms, the more colourful and professional looking the leaflet, the greater the chances that our leaflet delivery service will result in a successful campaign.


Leaflet Delivery for Small Businesses

For small businesses, our leaflet delivery service is affordable and can generate local interest. For larger businesses, our leaflet delivery service helps generate brand awareness that can complement other advertising mediums e.g. TV, radio and press.


The response from each leaflet delivery campaign will vary depending on many factors. By targeting the most suitable areas using a reliable leaflet delivery company will help maximize the response. A successful leaflet delivery promotion may be measured in many ways and take several months for the full effects to translate into increased sales.


Businesses that undertake regular leaflet delivery campaigns have realised that leaflet delivery is the most cost effective form of advertising.


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Leaflet Distribution – Fact v Fiction


Perception: The majority of consumers do not like receiving marketing material through their letterbox.

Fact: As many as 79% of recipients keep, pass on or glance at leaflet distribution items: 38% keep it for a few days, whilst 13% retain it for a week or more.


Perception: Consumers don’t find door drop marketing useful.

Fact: 71% of those questioned said they found free samples delivered through their letterboxes useful: 66% said the same for supermarket offers, 62% for money-off coupons and 47% for new product leaflets.


Perception: Leaflet distribution does not have the same impact of direct mail.

Fact: 79% of people keep, pass on, read or glance at leaflets – same as direct mail.


Perception: People do not keep leaflets that long.

Fact: 38% of leaflets are kept for at least a few days and 13% is kept for a week or more.


Perception: Leaflet distribution doesn’t work.

Fact: 48% of consumers either visited a shop, sent for information, or bought a product having received a leaflet through their letterbox.


Perception: Leaflet distribution doesn’t work as well as direct mail, TV or press.

Fact: 48% of consumers responded to leaflets compared to 47% for direct marketing, 47% for television and 60% for press advertising.


(Source DMA)


Unlike other distributors, we always deliver your leaflets solus as standard to ensure you gain the best possible response to your leaflet. We recognise that delivering several leaflets together simply doesn't work. We also do the little things that house holders expect, when we deliver your leaflet we realise we are representing your company or event, therefore we always ensure we push leaflets all the way through letter boxes, we close gates, and we never walk across gardens. In our experience these little things are what house holders expect and therefore this gives a better lasting impression of your Business or event.